Schools Begin 2017!

Voices and laughter filled the classrooms that had been empty as the schools at Kasana Children’s Centre opened for the first term of a new school year on February 6.

At Essuubi Eppya Vocational Primary School (the elementary school), 255 of the 276 children enrolled attended school on the first day. Four new teachers also joined the team.

Simon Katabazi, the EEVPS headmaster, said that this year his team is working on introducing a new way of teaching in the preschool classes. The classrooms are being redesigned and equipped to include more hands-on development activities!


The EEVPS teachers praise God that all of the Primary 7 (6th grade) students passed their national exams from November with very good performance! With three students scoring in the top division and 21 in the second division, EEVPS ranked 6th in Nakaseke District among over 100 other primary schools. All 24 students moved up to Senior 1 (7th grade).

At New Hope Academy, the secondary school, 80% of the 131 enrolled students attended the first day, with the others arriving during the rest of the week. Of the 14 teaching staff who welcomed them, two are new teachers. Michael Oburu, the headmaster of the secondary school, said he is still looking to hire a few more teachers to fill current vacancies.

A new addition to NHA this year will be a patriotism club, a program the Ugandan government is now requiring of all secondary schools. New Hope Academy plans to enact this in such a way that the Word of God remains at the center of all programs carried out by the club.

“Love for country that the government is trying to inculcate on the learners can only happen when these children love God,” Uncle Mike said. “We want children to first of all…walk with God in love. And that will be played out in their love for one another, their love for their school, and in their love for the country.”

The secondary school was also thankful to God for the performance of the Senior 4 (10th grade) students in their national exams last year. Of the 26 students, all but one passed the exams. The results—two in the top division, 12 in the second division, nine in the third division and two in the fourth division—ranked New Hope Academy as the 2nd in Nakaseke District among more than 100 other secondary schools.

Last year’s S4 class, now in Investment Year!             Photo by Steve Agosto

The special needs class, Treasures in Jars of Clay, also reopened for the new year this week. Of the 17 children in the class, 16 have returned—the other one has been sick and not yet able to attend. The group is thankful to be using their new van, modified to fit the special transportation needs of the children! Another exciting development in Treasures is that the walls are currently being built for the second classroom, which will hopefully be completed and ready to use for the second term!

This year, 38 children joined the school families at Kasana—28 orphans on sponsorship and 10 staff children or fee-paying students.

Please pray with us that the teachers and children would grow in relationship together well this year.

Please also pray for sponsors for the 28 new sons and daughters, as well as children from previous years still in need of sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a child, please go to our sponsorship form.

Text and photos by Esther Carey,
Communications Coordinator