Prayer for Sons and Daughters Taking Exams

Secondary Photo ResizedIn the Ugandan school system, students take major exams at P7 (the end of primary school education), S4 (the end of “O-level” secondary eduation), and S6 (the end of “A-level” secondary education). Our sons and daughters in S4  and attending our New Hope Academy receive their orientation instructions on tomorrow (Friday, October 10) and begin their strenuous three week examination process on Monday, October 13. The scores our children obtain play a significant role in their future educational options. Ugandan education officials estimate that over 295,000 students will take the S4 exams.

We try to encourage our children to do their very best and at the same time remember that their examination scores do not define who they are in Jesus Christ. Please pray for these students that they will be able to clearly display what they have learned and will be able to leave each exam with complete peace knowing they have given their best effort. At the same time, please pray that our children will see the exams as one part of the plans and purposes of a perfect God for their lives.