Parents’ Day Family Gatherings

Inviting the biological parents/guardians of the 90 sons and daughters who live in the Kasana family groups to come for an annual gathering is a tradition for New Hope Uganda. Below are a couple reports on this year’s event, which took place on August 27th!

dsc00590Meeting and Fellowship

By Lydia Seddinda, Senior Mother

Everyone waits with expectation for this day as families prepare to receive the guardians and parents of the children. Every year it happens once in the holiday of second term, that’s the month of August.

This year the seven families came together to meet with guardians/parents of the children. Testimonies were shared of what the Lord had done in families. Both children and parents testified of the goodness of the Lord: protection, provision, the unity in families and transformation taking place in lives. Family parents were appreciated by both children and guardians, mainly mothers who came to visit that day.


A reminder of our core values as a ministry and the vision, goals, and the support needed to help our children grow well by the guardians was also pointed out.


There was great joy and fellowship continued to their respective [family group] homes to share a meal together and to hear more from each other. Those who had birthdays celebrated them as well like in Ebeneezer family.



Interactive Benefits

dsc00583From Isaac Okitoi, Family Father, Pacific

During the joint gathering, a representative son or daughter from each family group shared a testimony of the good things God is doing in their family groups. They appreciated the family parents, and especially the fact that they have food to eat even when those who live in the village are struggling.

The guardians also expressed their gratitude, such as for the increased phone calls and visits from their children and a family parent to the biological relative or guardian. Some guardians have also visited their children here at Kasana, and they appreciated the welcome they have received!

One mother testified of how she brought her daughter to Kasana when she was very young. So most of her life has been spent in the care of New Hope. The mother said she is so thankful to see her daughter growing physically and spiritually, and especially to find her so joyful!


Samuel family with the visiting guardians

The New Hope staff also appreciated some of the individual guardians for their efforts to remain involved and supportive in their children’s lives! The staff also reminded the guardians of the ministry’s goals related to the children and the reasons for them. This was to help envision the guardians and encourage their partnership!

One of the New Hope daughters who has completed her studies also shared a testimony with the guardians of how the Investment Year program blessed her life. This was added because many guardians have some hesitancy about their children taking part in IY – they initially think that it is a wasted, dead year and don’t see the benefit it offers to the participants.

Uncle Isaac said he appreciated that this year’s event provided more time for interacting between the guardians, their children, and the family group parents. The time in Pacific family group with the children under his care and their guardians was a blessing to the whole family!


Pacific family and guardians

He also made a point of sitting down with each of the sons/daughters and their guardians. That provided an opportunity for him to individually discuss and pray for both the positives and the areas that need to be addressed in the child’s life on a heart-to-heart level.

Pacific family had a good turnout of the guardians, though a few did miss the event. The family group enjoyed a special meal with their guardians and ended the day by playing group games!

Please continue praying for our sons and daughters and their guardians. Pray that God would continue to turn the hearts of the parents and their children towards one another. Also pray for the staff parents, that they would have continued wisdom as they disciple the children in their care.

Photos by Elly Chelangat, EEVPS Teacher