Our Little Cowboy Daniel

Daniel’s mother hid her entire pregnancy from the people in the village where she lived. When it was time for her to deliver, she went to the pit latrine and dropped Daniel some thirty feet straight down into feces and urine. She simply walked away. Later that day, someone went to use the latrine, instead shocked to be greeted by the sound of a baby crying. The people in the community hurried together and ripped open the latrine. Someone climbed down into the stinking pit to rescue Daniel.

The local police and social services were notified. But with little to no structures in place to provide a caring home for Daniel while investigations could take place, there were very few options for Daniel. They contacted New Hope Uganda’s Hope Family- a ministry to babies in need, to see if Daniel could be brought there. Within hours Daniel had a temporary home. Hope Family provided immediate medical care for Daniel, who had infections around his eyes because of the feces and urine that he had laid in for many hours. With much love, prayer and medical treatment in Kampala, Daniel made a full recovery and miraculously recovered full sight in both eyes. Not long after, his mother was discovered and taken to prison. Daniel now seemed to have no family to love him. But Daniel remained safe and loved in Hope Family.

Over time, Sambwe, Hope Family’s social worker, took Daniel’s investigations further. On one particular day he had a “God -appointed meeting” with a villager who amazingly pinpointed the potential father. He lived some distance away and was part of a “cow people”- those who raise cows and move throughout different areas in search of pasture. The day came and the Hope Family social worker traveled to investigate further if this could indeed be the baby’s family. Amazingly, the father and the grandmother could corroborate the details and revealed that they had not known of this baby boy. The family quickly came together and rejoiced at the precious gift God had bestowed on them!

While Daniel remained at Hope Family for ongoing care, the family continually visited, always leaving behind an abundance of milk. Over a short time and with an intentional transition program in place, Hope Family saw Daniel reunited with his family. The leaders of Hope Family are still connected with this family and Daniel, who is now a little cowboy.  The relationship between Daniel’s family and Hope Family is so strong, that when the father was noticing behavior issues in Daniel’s life, he called Sambwe for advice.  Sambwe was able to listen to the father, encourage him, and give him counsel in how to best care for his little boy!

In Daniel’s story, Hope Family stepped in and was graciously allowed to be an agent of change in a very difficult situation whereby God alone was recognized as the one bringing the change about. And our prayer continues, that Daniel and his family will come to not just know about God, but to personally know their Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ! From the pit into family, and then into the family of God. Being part of this journey is the greatest role any orphan-care ministry can play.

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