NHA Computer Lab Dedicated!

dsc_0316A ten-year vision became a reality at New Hope Academy with the dedication of a computer lab on Thursday!

The new lab is equipped with 25 desktop computers. These will be used not only to train the secondary students but also as a resource for the staff and other New Hope Uganda community members.

The entire student body of NHA, as well as the teachers and other staff members, took part in the dedication ceremony.


Uncle Michael addresses the student body



Michael Oburu, NHA Head Master, introduced Joanna Murungi, who will be the instructor for the computer lab. He also encouraged the students to take advantage of this new opportunity to learn computers, as it will be helpful to them in their future!



Uncle Tony stands in front of the computer lab

Tony Muwanguzi, Head of the Education Department, also shared a few words. He referred to Hebrews 6:10 as an expression of his appreciation to the donors.

“We want to thank God that today we can celebrate that this has become a reality, that our students will have the opportunity to learn how to use computers,” Uncle Tony said. “So we praise the Lord and we want to thank everyone who has been a part of making this dream come true.”

He also appreciated Intelligent Solutions, a company in Kampala which provided advice and technical support in the process of budgeting and purchasing the computers.


Simon Katabazi, EEVPS Head Master, had spearheaded the effort of bringing a computer lab to Kasana Children’s Centre. He reminded the students that technology is like a knife. If it is wielded by a skilled surgeon, it can be used to save a life. But if it is used by a robber, it can destroy life. He urged them to take care in how they use the technology at their disposal.

“As you go in to learn, don’t use the lab to serve the devil! It would be an abuse to God who has provided it,” he added.

He also told the story of how the computer lab has become a reality. For many years, Uncle Simon had wished that the students at Kasana had an opportunity to learn basic computer skills before completing ‘O’ levels (equivalent to 10th grade). But the finances for purchasing the computers and for other necessary expenses had been a challenge.

He recalled how Heather Greenfield, from Alpine Church in Utah, USA, also caught the vision he had. Heather has visited New Hope several times, and so she decided to raise money at her church for the purpose of providing the computer lab. In May 2015, the church put on a special gala to do just that! Their donation added to a smaller original donation from the Washington Project a few years ago to provide the necessary finances.


The gala at Alpine Church
photo from Janet Deschamp

The money was used not only for purchasing the computers, but also for remodeling the unused classroom which is now the lab, providing the furniture, and funding the first year of salary for Auntie Joanna.

As God had planned it, a short-term missions team from Alpine Church who are visiting Kasana were able to be present at the dedication ceremony!


Mike McIntosh, the Alpine team leader, said it was a real treat for the team to be here to see it. “The purpose of doing this is to help the students prepare for the next step in their education,” he added. “The lab exceeds our expectations!”

The ceremony ended by the students and staff circling the building while Uncle Simon prayed over it.


The Alpine team, staff, and students then had the opportunity to go in and see the new lab.


dsc_0325Robert, the NHA head boy, said the lab looked like a comfortable building which will help develop students’ skills computer skills. He is also glad it will be available to help other NHU community members when they need to research something.

The head girl Violet, who is in S3 (equivalent to 9th grade), said she has never yet used a computer. She is looking forward to learning how to type and create Word documents!


Please join us in praising God for His provision for this project.
Please also pray with us for our students to have wisdom in their use of technology.

Text and photos by Esther Carey
Communications Coordinator