Kasana Clinic: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

Kasana Clinic cares for the needs of our children and staff as well as some from the surrounding community.  On the average day, the clinic sees about 30 patients, which equates to over 10,000 annually.  Sometimes, our care is as simple as cleaning a paper cut and thoughtfully applying a Band-Aid.   At times, it is simply giving a hug before sending the child back to class.  And often, it is caring for a child achy from malaria or feverish from an infection.

Our desire is to not only care for their physical needs, but to love them in a way that points them to Jesus.  Some of our services include physicals for our children and staff, caring for those who are sick or injured, and identifying and connecting those with greater needs to outside medical care for specialized treatment.

One of our medical outreaches.

One of our medical outreaches.

One memorable patient from 2016 was one of our primary girls Mirembe.  A few months back, as she was playing soccer with the boys, she fell and severely fractured her arm.  She had surgery at a specialized hospital three hours away. After the cast was removed, there was concern of whether the surgery had worked.  Her ability to move her arm was significantly limited.    Staff worked closely with Mirembe performing stretches with her 2-3 times a day.  Not only did we witness God’s healing touch, but we were also able to see joy and confidence blossom in this young lady.  She came alive with the affirmation by those around her and she undoubtedly knew the love of her God.


Some of our children playing soccer.

Our ability to work with the children like Mirembe and staff is a team effort with each using the gifts God has given them. God has used supporters around the world both through monetary gifts and by donations of medical supplies.  One blessing in particular for 2016 was a team that came and painted beautiful murals on our clinic walls.  We are also anticipating the arrival of a container shipment from the U.S. that contains many needed medical furnishings.  We simply would not be able to do what we do without the support and assistance from so many.  Thank you!

Dream for 2017

One of the very basic needs for our children is preventative dental care. Too often, professional cleaning does not happen and teeth are unnecessarily removed. For 2017, we are praying for a visiting dental team to come and provide much needed dental care to our children and staff.

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A dental outreach team from a past year.