Heart Surgery Today – Please Pray!

Dear Friends,



A couple of months ago we told you about four girls with serious heart problems. One of them is having surgery today and we would covet your prayers for her. Below is a message from one of our nurses who is meeting Betty at the hospital.

Good Morning!
The day has arrived!!  Adong Betty from Kobwin is slated to have surgery this morning!!!! In fact, by the time that many of you receive this message Betty will probably already be in surgery.  Mulago hospital called yesterday requesting that Betty be brought to the hospital.  While we had been anticipating receiving a phone call telling us of the scheduled date, we instead, received a phone call telling us to come in the very same day. The commute from where Betty and her mom live is about 10 hours on public.  Betty is on her way to the hospital as I type and as many of you are sleeping. I ask you to join me in praying for safety, peace, and favor with the doctors.  So thankful for each and every one of you who have journeyed this journey through prayer and support. I will keep you all posted on the details of this day.  May Betty’s physical and spiritual heart be forever changed by this day.  May we all be drawn closer to Him today.


Here is information on Betty’s condition that we originally posted. Praise God that the funds are all taken care of.

Adong Betty
Age: 10 years
Weight: 18 kg (expected weight for her age: approximately 35 kg)
Condition: Large PDA (hole in the heart)
Need for surgery: Urgent: Scheduled for closure of PDA in the Cath lab at Mulago Hospital sometime in October
Cost for all care: estimated at approximately $600 dollars (this mainly goes towards testing, medications, transportation to/from medical appointments, procedure cost)