Can You Shout Hallelujah?

At the end of last week, Aunt Ketty and her husband, Okoth Casmil, were in Kampala. They began the day  with a CT scan, followed by her fourth round of chemotherapy, and then a consultation with her oncologist. That consultation started a chain of phone calls as she relayed that news that she was declared cancer free!!!!! Both abdominal and chest CTs were clear!

What a journey! What a faithful God we serve! With Him she has beaten the odds!
Praise God with us as we rejoice and celebrate this victory! There are many times in life to jump, shout, dance and sing–this is DEFINITELY one of them!!!!!!!!
The Okoth family is all smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This picture was taken at the beginning of the journey, just before Aunt Ketty left for Nairobi. This week they are rejoicing that their beloved wife and mom is FREE of cancer!
Throughout this journey, Aunt Ketty’s youngest son Israel would respond, “Mommy is sick,” when asked how she was. The day following this good news he responded with, “Mommy is fine.” And so she is because our God HEALS!
– Mary Britton