Hope Family: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

We at Hope Family very much appreciate the continued love and support of our friends around the world, thank you. We thank God for you and for HIS faithfulness.

2016 has been encouraging….

  • We are pleased to have welcomed Isabella, our Administrative Assistant to the Hope Family team.
  • Our social worker, Sambwe Rogers, helped our delightful Daudi successfully transition into his paternal grandmother’s family.
Sambwe Rogers with Daudi

Sambwe Rogers with Daudi

  • Jesca joined us last year, a two-year-old, frail little girl! She is one of our little miracles who has flourished daily and is quite the character!
Auntie Zam with Jesca.

Auntie Zam with Jesca.

  • Our Outreach Program is Hope Family’s frontline. A number of children have effectively graduated on from our support. We currently have 26 children on the program. Part of our vision continues to be to have fewer children under our care in Hope Family and more children supported in the community!
  • Hope Family currently has six children staying at our home and they’re a vibrant mix! We thank God that HE has these children’s lives in HIS hands. We also thank God for each of our mothers and our support team, who serve faithfully in this special family.
Auntie Miriam with Theresa.

Auntie Miriam with Theresa.

A Story…


Mother with her twins.

Several months ago, we heard through the local hospital of a mother and her twins in a terrible state – all three were vulnerable and at risk! Working with the social services and various aspects of the ministry in NHU, we put a holistic plan together and brought this mother and her twins into a safe place here in our Kasana community. She now has a small job, sheand the twins are putting on weight, they are well and they’re exposed to the love of Christ, through our NHU family.


  1. We’ve met many vulnerable mothers (like in the story above) and we desire to provide care and love for many more of these needy mothers and children.
  1. We provide milk formula to needy babies who have lost their mom – this gives a crucial start in life.

Specific Needs

  1. Vulnerable mothers – Current commitments and future obligations $1,450
  1. Milk formula – 2017 estimated consumption $1,000


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