Year-End Needs – Musana Camps

Two campers enjoy a moment at Musana Camps beautiful waterfall.

Two campers enjoy a moment at Musana Camps beautiful waterfall.

It has been a wonderful year at Musana Camps. Hundreds of children have enjoyed the chance to get away to a unique environment and have heard the good news of the Gospel in the process; Ugandan men and women have been challenged and transformed by Biblical Manhood and Womanhood retreats; and multiple teams have come to serve at the camp and been blessed in return.

We praise God for all He has done, is doing and will do. More and more groups are interested in using the Camp and one of our current limitations is our size. Wemc1 could use your help in funding for additional accommodations for campers and towards our general fund. The complete list of current Musana Camps needs is below.

Musana Camps

  • Undesignated Gift to Go to Area of Highest Need in the General Fund – a large percentage of our operational funds come through gifts in this area – any amount would be very appreciated
  • Musana Camps Scholarships – pay for a day of Camp for a child – $15
  • Manhood/Womanhood Retreat Scholarships – pay for the retreat for one person – $48
  • Children’s camps for 2013-14 – $1,000 per camp x 10
  • Networking Equipment and Installation – $2,000
  • Water System Phase 3, last section of water infrastructure – $6,500
  • Workshop completion – $7,000
  • Camp cabins– $12,000 x 3
  • Staff duplex – $50,000

To donate to Musana Camps, click here and follow the steps. Once you get to the entry page, type “Musana Camps” and the specific designation in the comments box.