World Cup at New Hope

Football (soccer) is the unquestioned king of sports in Uganda (probably in everywhere but the US it seems). The World Cup is always a big deal but the fact that it is being held in Africa makes it even a bigger deal here.

One thing we have been trying to do at New Hope is to “play” together more. Saturday night we had a time of recreation enjoying the World Cup.

Joseph Ruyondo, our head of Childcare, and his family hooked up a TV, projector and some speakers so that we could all watch the England-US game together. It started at 9:30pm but a large crowd turned up anyway (church starts at 10:30am here so there was still time to sleep after:).

I’m not quite sure yet who the favorite team at New Hope is for the World Cup. But on this night all the US staff were trying to recruit as many as possible to the US side while the UK staff was doing the same. We all had a great time and ending in a tie was just fine (at least it was for the US supporters:)

– Tal Anderson