Worcester City Church Team Comes Back to Kasana

The City Church team from Worcester, UK visited the Kasana Children’s Centre from Aug. 15-Aug. 29. Janet Taylor describes their experience.

We came to New Hope two years ago with the Worcester City Church team. We hoped to start putting in the foundations for the new Baby House but only managed to break up the ground. We were keen to return to see how things had progressed.

Our first impression was that the Baby House was really BIG and there was a lot of work still to do. Most of our team had no particular building skills, but they were very enthusiastic with whatever task was to hand. Our main jobs were collecting and moving rubble, shovelling clay earth and tamping it down. Some of us mixed lots of concrete and plaster. A portable generator meant that channels could be ground out of the walls for electric cables. Grinding is a filthy job. With all the dust and dirt, we were very grateful when cold sodas arrived as a special treat.

In England we have a lot of laws about health and safety. Some of our team got a bit nervous when the young lads were issued with machetes and pangas for clearing the grass around the Baby House! Considering the amount of broken bricks we threw around and the rubble broken up with lump hammers, there were virtually no injuries due to the work.

In addition to the building work, the team took sports equipment and played football and rounders (a bit like baseball) with the children. We also took craft activities and spent time with the Worcester Family.

Our time with Worcester Family showed how different our cultures are. At New Hope the families grow their food in their “gardens”. They plough the land with oxen. I was asked “What do you grow in your garden?” Misunderstanding, I said, “Grass and flowers.”! One boy asked my friend, “Who is looking after your oxen while you are visiting us?”

Our team appreciated the welcome we received from Worcester Family. We joined with them every evening for their devotions. It was a really special time, worshipping God together. We gained a greater understanding of God’s worldwide family, praising him in different languages.

I think most of the team have already started saving so they can return to New Hope in 2012. We hope enough money will be raised to complete the Baby House. Then, more babies who are orphaned or abandoned can be cared for, in the loving environment that is New Hope Uganda.

– Janet Tayler. City Church, Worcester. UK.