Ugandan Heroes of the Faith


I would first of all love to thank God for the great freedom of worship we have in Uganda today, I am so glad and proud to be a citizen of this nation. In most cases when there is freedom or peace we don’t realize that there are Christians in other parts of Africa who are being persecuted for their faith. My heart and soul begin to worship when I meditate on the fact that I am free to worship.

Recently we at Kasana celebrated the great Ugandan heroes of faith. A HERO in my perspective is someone who is admired for having done something difficult or good. I was very much blessed by the two heroes of faith who came here at Kasana and shared with us their testimonies how the gospel came about in Uganda and how they were persecuted for their faith here in Uganda during the days of Idi Amin.

One of the heroes Byaruhanga by name blessed my heart. As he shared about the tragedies and pains they went through, something significant stood out to me and this was how he and his friends never gave up their faith even when they were locked up in a cell. Instead they praised and worshiped God, but how many of us have freedom and even we don’t worship like we should? This can show you the grace God has for his people, he never let’s go of us even when we seem so far away from him.

The other hero who blessed me was Pastor Sozi Peterson who challenged our generation to say no to homosexuality, I was so much blessed when he testified to how God is using him, Martin Sempa and others in parliament to oppose this bill legalizing homosexuality. It’s not in their strength that God is using them to bring light in the darkness. But I believe God wants to raise a generation of young people in Uganda who will stand for righteousness and live by faith for the good of our land.

On the other hand as Pastor Peterson shared his life history of faith, I was blessed by knowing how much grace our Heavenly Father has on us if we trust in him even when it seems dark, he is right there beside us to offer rescue.

My challenge today is how I am going to live by faith even unto death. But the question is will I do it in my own strength or I will just have to nestle in my Heavenly Father’s arms to find the truth?

By Kugonza Joel, IY Student
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