Truly New Hope

It’s been several months since our team returned from our time at New Hope, and we have needed all this time and more to accurately reflect on our time there. In short, our experience was nothing short of amazing, and the stories and relationships forged during the few short weeks that we shared with our New Hope friends and the Worcester Family is something that I know each of our team’s members will cherish the rest of their lives. Uganda is an incredibly beautiful country… but what we saw Jesus Christ doing in the lives of the people at NHU was far more beautiful than anything else we saw during our time there.

Probably the biggest and most impacting experience that we had while in Uganda was working alongside New Hope staff and members of the Worcester Family group on a community outreach project. The project itself, constructing a mud house was a unique experience in and of itself, but the real beauty of the experience was in the relationships. Working alongside our Ugandan sisters and brothers was a tremendously meaningful time of fellowship, friendship, and joy. These dear friends not only taught us so much in this encounter, but also allowed even the most timid member of our team to share their in faith and the bond of faith.

Another meaningful experience that defies words was the opportunity to celebrate in worship with the New Hope community on Sundays. Such a joy

to stand side by side with friends, witnessing to Christ’s resurrection together in song and unity. Uncle Jonnes’ words still linger in our hearts and minds… “Who Am I?”… the same words that King David asked so long ago in humility and recognition of all that God had blessed him with. We asked the same question ourselves in considering all of these new found friends and opportunities to serve.

Our team will not forget…

The faith and commitment of the New Hope staff, who not only demonstrate a deep love for Jesus Christ in their continued ministry to the people of Uganda… but also to each of us. You have truly blessed us with your gracious service and love.

The Worcester Family… who not only opened their village to us to come alongside them and learn in the garden, around the kitchen, and in their homes… but even more so opened their hearts and welcomed us as members of the family. Our hearts and prayers are filled with joy as we remember each of you, and we do so often. Uncle Dan and Aunt Rose… you model a genuine faith that encouraged and blessed each of us.

The work of New Hope… making a meaningful impact in the lives of Ugandans every day. In addition to being part of the school (teaching recreation, judging science fairs, etc.), working in the village (painting and gardening), and working around campus, we had the opportunity to see NHU’s work in the community… selling and processing grain, teaching job skills, and encouraging the people of Uganda with quality Christian radio programming. New Hope lives up to its name… providing hope to the nation!

My wife and I, along with other members of the team, count it a privilege to be able to now financially partner with New Hope for these reasons and more! At the same time, we know that we have been blessed far more than any blessing we are able to offer. Christ’s greatest blessing be with all who serve at New Hope Uganda as you continue in Christ’s ministry!

Looking forward to when we will be reunited with you all!

Jimmy McPherson
HOPE Mission Team (Summer 2012)
North Creek Presbyterian Church
Mill Creek, Washington USA