Thank you, Teams!

Happy 2015 from all of us at New Hope Uganda! We are thankful for each of your role here – as friends, prayer and financial supports, visitors, sponsors, parents, sons and daughters, and many other capacities.

As we look forward to this year and anticipate many opportunities to grow in relationship together and with God, we want to highlight the impact of our many teams throughout 2014.

• 17 teams visited with a total of 162 people:

– from eight states (WA, SD, ND, UT, IL, AK, KS, CA)

– Four teams from the UK

– Our first ever team from Mexico

– One team from South Africa


• Three dental teams came, with each site receiving this much-needed specialized care

• Two eye teams served at Musana Camps and Kasana Children’s Centre

• An additional full medical team (including dental and eye care) visited Kobwin and Kasana

• Six different medical outreaches were facilitated in Nakaseke District (where Kasana Children’s Centre is located)


• Teams also painted two family bandas at Kasana enhancing the location of children’s meals and nightly family devotions

• Additionally, $5,000 in profits from the guesthouse went into ministry operational expenses

• Team members donated over 70 pieces of luggage with medicine and medical supplies, clothes, and sports equipment.

Webale nyo!! (Thank you very much!)


If you are interested in serving on a team at New Hope please let us know here.