Three of our Succession Team Members.

Three of our Succession Team Members.

It is very common for an organization to lose its heritage after the founding members are gone. You see it all over America now a days where an organization that started on the foundation of the Bible is now being tossed to and fro in the wind by deceitful human philosophies (Col. 2:8 cf Eph. 4:14). Organizations sometimes seem to be more concerned about what the world is saying rather than what God says in His word. This is very sad to see especially for the founders who have worked tirelessly to build their organization on Christ. This issue has been on the heart of New Hope’s co-founder Jay Dangers as NHU grows older and closer to a time of succession.

This is not a resignation letter on behalf of Uncle Jay and co-founder Jonnes Bakimi, but it is a message asking for your prayers as we move forward in the process of succession. How do we begin the challenging process of handing over NHU after 25 years of faithful service by its founders? We have started by meeting 6am every Wednesday with a select group of leaders from NHU. We have discussed marriage, sexuality, accountability, StrengthsFinder, and the fear of God. The best part of this group is that no one is there to take over NHU, rather we are there to grow in relationship with each other and with Christ and let Him lead us to the outcome.

What are we looking for in a successor? (Not exhaustive)
– Foundation of personal life and ministry based on the word of God
– Strength of character and growing in humility
– Leadership ability
– Communication
– Heart for children

The future of NHU depends on who God raises up as the next leaders of this organization. Please join us in praying for the next generation of NHU leaders to continue to build upon the foundation of God’s word.

By Devin Hiller Assistant to the Director
On behalf of Jay Dangers Director