Staff Support

It has been wonderful getting to know and becoming a part of the NHU staff over this past 21 months. Although it has been a joy working with the children here, recently, it is the staff who have been most on my mind. Besides the sometimes overwhelming nature of the work we are doing, there often seems to be no real stopping point.

Almost all of us here live where we work. If one is not careful, it is easy to neglect time with God, time with family, and time for rest. It is easy to be running on empty and still feel like one is not doing enough. In our Institute of Childcare and Family classes, we learn that as adults working with hurting children if we are motivated primarily by the childrens’ need, we will soon be driven to exhaustion or worse yet hardened by despair (because of the seemingly endless nature of the need).

One of the areas we have been working on is staff development and support. We are now using small groups as a part of our regular weekly staff fellowships. We have seen these groups become one way of consistently supporting and looking out for one another.  Spending time together helps remind us  that our work here comes from His calling and that we are each one part of the team—and ultimately, God will meet the needs, not us. Keeping that in mind, we are also attempting to find ways of including consistent recreation and rest in our lives while at the same time continuing to be used by God to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children we serve. We would really appreciate your prayers in this area.

– Tal Anderson