Sponsors Needed

By Meghan Prahl

Friends of New Hope Uganda:

Webale nyo, nyo (thank you much) for your prayers and support of New Hope Uganda Ministries in bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless young people of Uganda.  If you are not already sponsoring a student or staff member through NHUM, we invite you to prayerfully consider taking the opportunity given the rising cost of living Uganda and our financial needs as an organization. If you are already sponsoring one of our sons or daughters, please consider telling others about your experience and the need we currently have.

Below, please find the specific costs associated with each of the children God has given us.

Primary School Son/Daughter Secondary School Son/Daughter Investment Year, S5 Son/Daughter S6 Son/Daughter University/Vocational Son/Daughter
Monthly Cost $59 $75 $60 $64 $72*

*This is the base amount that we provide each child for university, not the actual amount needed which is much higher. Typically, a son/daughter works to raise funds and receives financial assistance from relatives or others for the balance of the funds. We provide additional funds when appropriate from our scholarship fund if and when the funds are available.

Because of rising costs and better accounting showing us the complete costs for the individualized care we provide, we have set the goal of assigning two sponsors per child with each sponsor paying approximately $35 a month (US), £ 20 (UK), and $38 (Canada).

Aside from the Primary, Secondary, and University students at Kasana Children’s Centre, New Hope has the privilege of caring for other students as well, namely those in Hope Family (our baby house), the Special Needs Program (children with physical or learning difficulties), the Vocational Institute in Kiwoko, and our Kobwin Children’s Centre.  There costs are noted in the chart below:

  Hope Family Special Needs Vocational Institute Kobwin
Monthly Cost $178 $122 $56 $76

Would you prayerfully consider responding to these needs at a financial level and/or promoting New Hope sponsorship at your church or workplace*? Likewise, would you pray that God would supply the means through His people to meet these goals? God has blessed and grown NHUM significantly over the years, and we are confident that—in the words of the Apostle Paul—“he who began a good work in you [and in the people of Uganda] will be faithful to bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).As previously mentioned, costs in Uganda are rising. (As an aside, I can personally attest to this having lived in Uganda from 2002-2003 and returning to visit during the summer of 2012. Prices have nearly tripled in the course of ten years.) New Hope Uganda currently pays its staff 80% of what the Uganda Board/Finance Committee has challenged us to pay (at minimum) and with a bare bones budget.  Ideally, NHU wants to increase staff salaries and improve the children’s overall diet. Consequently, these added costs would make the numbers given in the charts rise higher.

Thank you again for your care and concern for New Hope Uganda Ministries and for your continued prayers for the staff of students here in Uganda.  To God be the glory now and forever!

*We have a new sponsorship brochure that we would happy to supply you with along with any other information that would be helpful in your helping us find additional sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor a New Hope child, please contact  our sponsorship office.

If you would like to promote New Hope sponsorship at your church, place of work, or among other groups you associate with, please contact our sponsorship office and we will get you the information  you need.