Special Prayer Request

ketty okothGreetings from Uganda,

One of the great parts of being in family is how that family stands together in times of trouble. In our family we saw that first hand last year as we battled cancer. Our family, both biological and extended, really brought encouragement to our lives.

Yesterday was a time that brought back many memories of last year. We have a dear family working with us here in Kasana who are direct neighbors to us. I am not sure exactly how long they have served with New Hope Uganda, but it has been many years, as we found them here back in 2006. Their names are Ketty and Casmil Okoth and they have seven children.

We have all been praying for the past two weeks as we waited for the test results to return from a growth that has developed in Ketty’s throat. Yesterday the biopsy came back. It is cancer! To be specific, it is Poorly Differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma situated in the middle third of her esophagus. We are confident that God, the one who created us all is going to carry them through this. Though we don’t know the outcome exactly, we do know that He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. As a cancer survivor myself I was blessed to be able to stand with the family last night as they brought the news to their children. After the tears and the many words spoken by Okoth, the father, and myself, Ketty herself began to share with the children where her hope is coming from. She spoke boldly to them about their need to trust God and not man. I was inspired by her faith and encouraged as this mother of seven shared with them how Jesus is and always has cared for her despite the trials she has faced in her life. She encouraged them to make Jesus their Lord and Savior especially in this time.

We are praying for God’s hand to work in her life, and we are asking for total healing and strength for them all. But we are also looking to see how we can be sure to get the best medical care for her as possible, thus why I am writing this. Here at New Hope we typically provide medical care for all our staff members though we often don’t have to fight a battle like this one. Financially right now we do not yet know what her treatment is going to cost, but we do know it will be exceptionally large even in African standards. We are looking for a way to cover Ketty’s salary as well as the extensive medical costs she will be facing. We want to look at all of the options which might include surgery and radiation in Kampala or possibly traveling to Kenya or even South Africa.

We are sending this out as a prayer request, that we as God’s global family could stand in prayer on behalf of our sister and her family. Please be in agreement with us for her healing as well as God’s provision. Donations toward this need can be made through New Hope Uganda to the Ketty Okoth Cancer fund. All donations will serve either medical expenses or the upkeep of her salary as we pass through this together. Any excess funds remaining when the battle is finished will go to our emergency medical fund.

In His service,

Geoffrey Britton

To support Aunt Ketty’s journey financially, please visit the Donations page and select your country to get started. Thank you!