Seven nurses. Seven daughters. Seven arrows. Seven miracles.

Milly, Minsa, Angela, Stella, Nalugo, Maureen, and Annet.  Seven nurses.  Seven daughters.  Seven arrows now sent into the world.  Seven miracles.

On August 6, 2010 our staff rejoiced as they watched each of these girls receive their certificates in Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery from Kiwoko School of Nursing.  Then, the next day, their Kasana families and their biological relatives gathered to give thanks for all God had done in their lives and to celebrate this monumental accomplishment.  There was not a dry eye in the room as the girls one by one gave their testimony of God’s faithfulness to them over the years.  Each of them has lost at least one parent- four of them lost both parents.  In the world’s eyes, none of them should have succeeded for countless reasons.  But, each one is a beautiful testimony of how God doesn’t see us as the world does, nor does he allow our circumstances to determine what He is making us to be.  As Uncle Fred, Nalugo and Angela’s Calvary family father shared, “It is not because of their wisdom; it’s not because of the parenting we gave them; it’s not because of how good a school Kiwoko School of Nursing is; they completed and stood strong because of God’s grace.”

As I sat and looked at each girl, my mind raced through the stories of their childhoods at New Hope.  I remembered what they looked like when they first came, remembered the struggles they had… and the victories.  I remembered the dear girls in their class that gave into the pressures of the immoral society around them and didn’t make it to the finish line… at least not yet.  I remembered the countless sacrifices made by New Hope parents on their behalf, but also the ways ways we’d failed them.  I remembered the personal struggles they had each had, but also all the inside jokes and times of craziness and laughter we’d shared with each of them.  And I praised God for what He had done in these seven.  I praised Him for His grace that covered our mistakes and their mistakes, and that gave us something to offer them in the first place.

Each of the girls is now employed in hospitals across Uganda.  Each of them knows she is loved, knows there is a family who will be praying for her, and most importantly, knows the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  As Uncle Jonnes prayed a father’s blessing over them, he also launched them out to the “real world.”  It’s time for you to stand, girls.  Time to put into practice alls the things you’ve heard over the years.  Time to go out secure that you are loved daughters- not orphans- and begin to walk the path God has for each of you.  It’s time to forget the pain of the past; time to fix your eyes on Jesus and walk into the “joy set before you.”

And with that, seven arrows were shot out-  launched into the good works God prepared before hand for them to walk in and launched to make a difference for the kingdom of God in the nation of Uganda. And we at Kasana rejoiced!

Jennie Dangers