Preparing the Way

As I have been spending time in prayer for guidance in how New Hope staff can best reach the children and what we should change or add to what we’re already doing in the area of their spiritual development, I felt God lead me to study John the Baptist.  As I studied his life, I realized a simple and obvious fact: John the Baptist wasn’t the Messiah- the one who would bring healing, forgiveness, and hope; his job was simply to get people ready to receive the One Who would

At times I can can be overwhelmed with the magnitude of my task and can take on burdens that are not mine to carry… and then God gently reminds me that my job is not to be the Savior- just to point the way to Him!  My job isn’t to bring healing to over 600 emotionally broken kids, to make sure all of our kids know and love the Lord, or to even make sure that our staff are doing these things!  My job is to prepare the way for Him to do what only He can do!  This perspective makes it all of a sudden possible- and so exciting!

 – Jennie Dangers, Children’s Spiritual Development Coordinator