Post-Kasana Update

Interview with Jessica Nabagesera

Can you please describe the Post-Kasana program?

Post-Kasana handles all the children after S4 (O-level secondary school)  who go to S5 (A-level secondary school) and other institutions, colleges, and universities. Basically, it handles everyone who continues school outside Kasana.

What are the goals of Post-Kasana this year?

Making sure every child gains a skill, but with character – so that they are able to be self-sufficient and useful to their communities.

What are some ways you’ve seen God working in the lives of our Post-Kasana

Quite a big percentage are studying courses which are in the line with how God designed them to be.

What are some specific success stories of Post-Kasana graduates?

We have several in the NHU staff now! We have some who did nursing and were taken in by the local hospital. We have one who has joined a children’s organization to serve vulnerable children. And some of our graduates have now become parents to make families, which is the core value of this ministry.

What challenges has the Post-Kasana program faced this year?

This is a continual challenge, really – some students don’t want to be different. Many want to take classes they don’t need to take, because their friends are taking it. There’s quite a bit of denial of what they think God wants them to be. They want to do what everybody else does.

What are some ways people can pray for the Post-Kasana children and staff?

I think the following is the general prayer we need: The children’s hearts need to be open to what God has for them. And for staff, guidance and wisdom as we walk with them through the necessary steps of discovering what God meant them to be and to do.

Interview by Harrison O’Neil Scott