NHUM Board Names New President

Gary (right) in Uganda with Musana Camps Manager Syd Sparks.

Gary (right) in Uganda with Musana Camps Manager Syd Sparks.


The New Hope Uganda Ministries Board met in Colorado Springs for their spring board meeting on April 26th, 2013.  They were graciously hosted by Scott Miller at the David C. Cook publishing offices with Josiah Dangers coordinating the meeting arrangements.  The business of NHUM was conducted with all board members participating except for Jerry White (Costa Mesa, CA).

At this meeting Jay Dangers nominated the N.A. Director Gary Wood to be the President of NHUM replacing himself in that position.  Since the beginning of NHUM Jay has served as President because of his role as its founder.  However, Jay’s heart, mind and body have been in Uganda with the work there and with NHU.  NHUM has grown gradually due in large part to the hard work of Board Members like Lin and Judy Franklin. In recent years Jay has felt that in order for  NHUM to grow and become a strategic, forward thinking organization, it needs a full time, US-based President. Jay brought this need to the Board about three years ago and the search for a President began.  The Board unanimously supported Jay’s nomination of Gary and Gary gratefully accepted the position. Gary immediately began taking on additional presidential duties.

We thank God for raising Gary up to this new position and opportunity.

Jay will continue on in his role as Director of New Hope Uganda in Uganda with one less thing to take his time and energy
With the opportunities and growth facing NHUM we would seek:

Please Pray for:

  • · Jay as he relinquishes his long time role as President of NHUM, particularly that he’ll be able to devote more time to the work of promoting “the Fatherhood of God to the Fatherless”.

    The NHUM Board at their April 2013 meeting.

    The NHUM Board at their April 2013 meeting.

  • · Gary as he assumes the Presidents role.  He particularly asks you to prayer for:  Daily filling of the Holy Spirit; Wisdom; Patience & Glorify God through NHUM.  His desire is to see where God in Christ is working and go there!
  • · Major projects that NHUM is involved in such as personnel; teams; state/regional projects; daily administrative work including financial and program development.
  • · Stephen Roise of Fargo, ND whom Gary has hired as his assistant and who moved to the NHUM office in South Dakota August 1.

Opportunities to Give:

  • · The President’s Fund which has been established to advance the work of NHUM for the benefit of the “fatherless & orphaned”.  This fund will help to meet the increased expenses of the U.S. office due to rising costs, NHUM project related expenses, travel of the President and his assistant and office expansion here in the U.S. to meet the growing opportunities NHUM is experiencing.  If you would like to give, you may go to the web site and use the donate button there or send a bill pay or personal check to the Belle Fourche, SD address, clearly marked “PRESIDENTS FUND”.

We would like to encourage those of you that have appreciated Jay and Vicki to support this fund by sending a gift in honor of Jay’s years of service to NHUM as President.  Those of you that know Gary and Louise and want to encourage them in this new role may wish to send a gift for the President’s Fund. (As printed in the New Hope paper newsletter with updates)