NHU Job Opening – NHA Teacher (Science, Math)

New Hope Uganda’s New Hope Academy is seeking teachers for the following positions:


The ideal applicant would be in an active relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ with a clear history of salvation and church involvement.  The applicant would also be a trained teacher able to teach in at least two of the needed subject areas and would have clear certificates of completion from a certified teacher training program from the country of origin.  We would like applicants to make a minimum of a 2 1/2 year commitment and to attend the New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family before starting to teach full-time. If the teacher is not from Uganda, he/she will need to raise his/her own support.

New Hope teachers are expected to:

*Diligently teach and prepare to teach.  This includes producing a  termly plan of work and a lesson plan for each lesson taught.
* Integrate God’s Words and its ideas, precepts and principles into lessons taking the Bible as the ultimate source of authority for each subject and the first textbook.
*Make teaching applicable to real life and take into account the different learning styles in the classroom.
*Mentor and counsel students even outside of class of school hours realizing that you are not just a teacher but also a parent to the children here.
*Be involved outside of school hours in one of the family groups at the Kasana Children’s Center.
*Be at school from 7:45 am – 4:10 pm Monday through Friday and once a week attend a meeting after school that lasts until six pm.
*Uphold and enforce the school rules and the policies of New Hope Uganda as a ministry.
*Be in a mentoring relationship with another staff member.
*Be involved in the life of the school including but not limited to supervising students in the gardens, being a class teacher, taking a turn once or twice a term being the teacher on administrative duty for a week, and being an advisor to one of the school groups for competition and other purposes.
*Support the Headmaster who you report to.
*Be accountable for any school property put in your care and participate in the yearly school inventory.
*Do any other duty assigned to you by your headmaster.