New Hope 25th Reunion!

DSC_5687_1Five years ago we had our first New Hope Reunion (our 20th) inviting back all of our New Hope sons and daughters (group photo on side). It was a wonderful, powerful time in the life of our New Hope family. Now we are set for our 25th. . .

Dear Family and Friends,
Greetings from green, balmy Kasana Children’s Centre!  We are doing well here and trust that you all are sensing the work of the LORD in your hearts and in your families!

Did you know that this year marks the 25th year for New Hope Uganda to be caring for fatherless children?  God’s faithfulness has been so evident from the first day until now! We know that if “it was not the LORD who was on our side,” the enemy would have swallowed us alive!

We need your prayers!  From Thursday through Sunday we are having a huge family reunion!  We are expecting 100 people Thursday (Aug. 29), 1000 people on FridayDSC_4822

and Saturday and 3000 people on Sunday!  A team of our “Sons and Daughters” has been working on this from May until now and have done a great job of planning and getting the word out to the family that are spread all over Uganda and beyond!

This family reunion will be much like most family reunions with eating, singing, sports, campfires, times in the Word of God, reminiscing, laughter, and late nights. But there are a few things other than the size that will set this family reunion apart from most: very few of the family members are actually related biologically to each other, the family members are from a variety of tribes and from several countries, the oldest parents are in their sixties and there are already great grandchildren!

Many have stayed in touch over the years and we have rejoiced and celebrated with them in their success as they have graduated from various schools, gotten married, had children and so on.  Some of these “children” we have not seen for a number of years and I am sad to say that for some, the last time we saw them they were embittered and angry. We know that sometimes we failed them or mishandled them in their struggles and growing pains.  Others we said goodbye to knowing there was nothing more we could have done for them – because of their orphan hearts, they just couldn’t believe we really loved them. They didn’t know how to receive our love.

Now, they are coming back by the hundreds!  Some rejoicing to be home again. Some deeply grateful for all they received when they were here. Some repenting because God touched them in the years since we saw them last. Some with questions and unresolved issues.  We want to receive all of them for who they are and for where they have reached in life. We want to be family to them; parents, aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters, and grandparents.

Please be in prayer with us that God will give us the strength, wisdom, and love that we need to be all we should be to all of them.  Please pray for those who left in a less than ideal way that this will be a great time of reconciliation, repentance, and forgiveness; that we will be able to effectively put the past behind and be family here and now.  Please pray that those who still don’t know the LORD will hear Him calling them to Himself at this time; that He will grant them repentance. Please pray for the weather; rainy season has just begun. Please pray for the LORD’s blessing on this whole weekend.  He is the Father to the fatherless and we want them all to come to that understanding.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!  We will let you know on how we have seen His hand at work here through this reunion as soon as we can.

Goodbye for now.

In Christ Alone!

Jay Dangers
Director and Founder of New Hope Uganda