Matching Funds Update

Matching Funds have been used to build the new Musana Camps Meeting Hall. It is unfinished here but the floor was just completed and is being used by campers during the current school break.

Mukama Yebizibwe (Praise the Lord)! We are praising God for all of you who have contributed in prayer and gifts towards our NHU Staff  Matching Fund and our Musana Camps (MC) Matching Fund. Over the last seven months, we have matched nearly 90% of the $60,000 SOL grant and over 80% of the $100,000 MC grant. We are hoping and praying that we can finish both of these matching funds by end of our fiscal year (September).

These funds are already making a big difference. The Staff funds are helping us raise the standard of living for staff. Intially, we were able to give our staff a 10% pay raise (the first in several years) this January. Though this is still far below the pay levels our Ugandan Board has directed us to work towards paying our staff it was a good step in that direction.
The Camp funds have been used to nearly complete a new Meeting Hall and a much needed Water Project. In addition, it helped finish off the raising of funds for a Tipper-truck and has helped pay for most of the final land payments (only 5% left to pay), and has raised funds for a clinic. The funds still to be raised will be used to build a house for our growing camp staff and to finish off the land purchase.

In addition to helping with salaries, we have begun to use the Staff funds are enabling usto start on some long-awaited housing improvements. Over the next year, we will be able to fix gutters, cisterns, and roofing on staff houses. We may also be able to add solar lighting and running water to some of our houses. All of this will be a great encouragement to our staff.

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