Matching Funds Opportunity

We are praising God that we have two terrific matching fund giving opportunities in 2011. A matching funds gift of up $100,000 has been given for Musana Camps. Any gift you give for development projects at Musana Camps will be matched.

In addition we have received a matching funds gift of nearly $60,000 to better the quality of life for NHU’s indigenous staff.

We are very excited about this because this is an area that is not often specifically funded – with the cost of living in Uganda on the rise, this has been one of top funding priorities all year. These funds will be used for repairing and refurbishing housing, increasing staff salaries, and providing additional staff training.

If you are considering where to maximize the impact of  a year-end gift, please consider doubling your donation by giving to either the Musana Camps Matching Fund or the NHU Staff Matching Fund.

Donate to the Musana Camps Matching Fund
Donate to the NHU Staff Matching Fund