Love – Team and Kobwin Kids connect in Christ

My name is Emily Schutsky. I am a student from Phoenix, Arizona who came as a missionary to New Hope Uganda for a week and a half in May of this year. To say the least, my trip was life changing. I came into the trip thinking, “I need to let God use me to help these kids, they are in need of Christ’s love and I will do whatever God needs me to do”. Little did I know that God put this same mission on the hearts’ of the kids from Kobwin. On the first part of the mission trip with the kids we stayed at a summer camp in Musana. From the moment I got out of the car, I felt loved. The kids all came up to me and began hugging me and introducing themselves, telling me how they were excited for our time together. This was just a taste of what I would experience the rest of the trip.

The best part of the trip was the openness of the kids (I say kids, but they were actually young men and women). They were willing to open up about everything in their past, even the darkest parts. They would tell me anything I asked, but at the same time were very interested in knowing about me too. One phrase I heard a few of them say was “I am so happy that God saved me, and that I am alive today”. This was utterly shocking and amazing to me.

In the United States so many people use their painful pasts as a crutch, or an excuse as to why they don’t have faith in God. But these kids used that same exact pain to strengthen their faith in God. I have never seen such genuine joy, faith, and love for God and people. Leaving was the hardest part. In such a short amount of time I had formed some very close relationships, needless to say I cried that night (and a few more nights). But still through their tears as they said goodbye to us, those kids had faith that God would bring us back together again, whether it be here on earth or in heaven. I learned so much about God and His love through my time spent with the young men and women of New Hope.