Living Water

Currently we are hosting a medical and water outreach team. Each day we have have gone out with them to the various communities that surround New Hope. As we treat them medically we are sharing the gospel with them. There have been some that have received Christ through these outreaches.

I have also had the privilege helping with our water team. Bad water kills people! Diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, and many more are a result of contaminated water. According to the USA Today, “More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.” One out of six people live without regular access to safe drinking water. The need is sometimes overwhelming as we reach the remote parts of Uganda.

With the Newlife International water equipment, we have been able to train and equip the local people on how to chlorinate their drinking water. After the training, we leave the equipment with them. Not only have we given them access to clean water, we have shared the truth of the “living water” of Christ and how they will thirst no more. It has been exciting to see lives transformed through this ministry.

– Caleb Mitchell
   Special Projects and Teams, NHU Staff since July 2008