Lighting a Fire

From a Faith Bible Team Member to the Kobwin sons and daughters he served in outreach with:

I want to just say a couple things of how you have impacted our lives forever and how we hope we have done the same. I was really missing you guys, and I was thinking of what our trip meant at all to anyone. I was wondering how you guys would be able to move forward from this amazing experience, with the same passion used in your schools, communities and at New Hope. The image that came to my mind is this; our trip to New Hope was nothing if you guys don’t use what you learned about sharing the Gospel. It was just a waste of a trip; Americans could call it a vacation. But all we were was a lighter; we were just the small flame that you guys need to use to light a huge pile of wood that the Lord has prepared for your community.

I know that we are all praying that you would share the gospel every day to someone who needs it. I will probably never have the experience we had with you guys ever again. It was the greatest time of my life. I miss you guys so much, and I know one thing and it’s this; we will see you again, either on this earth or when we are together with Jesus in Heaven with the people who came to know Christ because of how He used us together. We will never forget you guys.

– R.J. (James)