Kobwin Update – As the Weekend Begins . . .

The Kobwin Children’s Center welcomed its first full-time residents in March of this year. Twenty-one teenagers who had been abducted and forced to be child soldiers by Joseph Kony’s LRA or had been in some way internally dispaced by the atrocities committed by the LRA came to Kobwin and have quickly become a family. The following is an update from Kasana Children’s Center teacher and counselor Constance Dobbs who has been helping the Kobwin staff. Constance is currently spending six weeks at Kobwin working with the Kobwin team in many ways including helping the children prepare for upcoming exams.

By Constance Dobbs

By 6:30 am, the sun has begun to creep over the mountains to the east and spill out over the lush landscape dotted with rock outcroppings of various sizes.  It’s rainy season and there is a welcomed coolness in the air as mid-day will bring blistering heat.  The family compound is a bustle of activity as chattering children gather hoes and head to the gardens, others are sorting beans for the day’s meals and yet, others are cleaning the compound.  By 7 am there is virtual silence, comparatively, as only the cooks remain at home. But as I sit reading, looking out towards the fields a cacophony of children’s voices arises from several directions as weeding lends well to working and friendly banter. The family is well, happy and about their business this morning.

Third term of school has begun and Kobwin is looking more and more “developed” – crops are thriving in the gardens and paths around the compound are neatly lined with flowers and bricks and there are fruit trees taking root where there once were none.  But, more significantly our children are developing spiritually which in it’s turn has affected all aspects of their lives, positively. God is so faithful!!! Of course, the journey has barely begun but the Father knows exactly what is needed and our staff is following His lead, step by step. The children’s hearts continue to be turned towards us and ours towards them.

Pray with us that healing and growth will continue amongst the children and that the staff would remain strong and united!!!  Above all, pray the children would see the Father’s hand at work in all aspects of their lives and not look to “man” for direction!