KCC Sunday School

Kasana Community Church is truly a community church attended by the staff and children who live on our main site and the New Hope Academy site, but also by many of our neighbors in the community around us as well.  For the last hour of the service while the preaching takes place the children are dismissed to go to their Sunday service.  I have the opportunity to help lead the 6 – 11 year old age group about four Sundays a year, assisted by ten of our teenagers who have been trained to help out.  

At New Hope we really make the effort to make sure each child feels loved and cared for and this has cared over to children’s church where each teenager leads a small group of 10 to 12 children.  Usually we start with some group work where the children have the chance to share something about their week or to play a game together.  Then the Word of God is shared and usually we end with working on a memory verse of applying the Word to our lives.  The same teenager leads the same small group every week and I was recently blessed when one of the teenage boys in David family (one of our seven family groups at the Kasana Children’s Center) was visited by his group member from Children’s Church.  The children’s in children’s church are not all New Hope kids, some of them come from broken homes, go to different schools and we only see them on Sundays.  It is one way for our kids to reach out and love those in the community around us. 

– Nancy Kirsch