Investment Year: Christ-Centered Self-Sufficiency



Investment Year LogoThe Investment Year (IY) is our program guiding our children in discovering, developing and deploying the skills, knowledge and character necessary for success in further education, future careers and in their personal lives.

One of our goals for our students is that they would understand and apply the concepts of self-sufficiency. As IY, we want to demonstrate and teach reliance on God as well as IY Sons working in Forge p8 seeing in what ways we can be involved in becoming ’self-sufficient’. However, if self-sufficiency is needing no outside help in satisfying one’s basic needs emotionally and being intellectually independent, able to provide for oneself without the help of others, then we should rethink this word, as those definitions take out the need for God. As a ministry, we are committed to demonstrating and teaching Christ-centered self-sufficiency. We are committed to teaching and trying to demonstrate reliance on God as our provider as well as discovering our roles and responsibilities in providing for ourselves. Questions we like to ask our IY’s are “What’s in your hands?” “What can you do?” as a way of encouraging our students to think through this area.

So how do we do that? ‘Self-sufficiency’ (Christ-centered selfsufficiency) one of our I.Y. core curriculum subjects taught during the year. In addition to the IY’s receiving teaching on ‘self-sufficiency’ we operate a couple of businesses to demonstrate self-sufficiency as well as receiving additional income for the IY program. The businesses help to provide valuable life skills for the IYs as they manage a real business.

The Forge:
For the last two years the Forge has been running at Kasana Children’s Centre. The Forge consists of a small café, a shop, and craft center. It is run by IY interns who make its food, restock its shelves, and manage its accounts. For those living at Kasana, it is one of the main places to buy food and even household goods as well as a good meeting point. For teams and visitors, it is a place to grab a snack and purchase local crafts. IY Coffee: We offer distinctive, bold Ugandan coffee, a perfect blend of arabica and robusta from Mount Elgon. The coffee business has been running for the last three
years and has proved to be successful in raising additional income (to supplement the support from sponsorship) to run the Investment Year program. The coffee is now being enjoyed in Uganda and in other parts of the world as visitors buy them and take them back to their home countries. It works well as everyone benefits – IY received additional income and the buyer receives great coffee!

2014 Plans:
IY Students displaying IY Coffee p8Next year our IY’s will have the opportunity and challenge in groups to run a small business as another way of developing skills and knowledge in self-sufficiency. They will follow the whole process through from the planning stage, delivery of business and evaluating at the end of the year.

For all you non-coffee drinkers, we will have something for you next year. As the coffee has proved to be so popular, we are planning to start selling smooth, balanced Ugandan tea next year as well.

By Steve Brown, Early Adulthood Coordinator
As published in the November NHU Newsletter

 How U Can Help

• Please pray that all our 2013 IY sons and daughters who have finished their IY year and  move on to their next stage of growth. Pray that what they have learned will move from their heads to their hearts and that they will enter next year with a clear sense of God’s calling and purpose for their lives.
• Please pray that our 2014 IY sons and daughters will enter next year with open hearts to all that God wants to do in them and through them.
• As we thank God for all the partners He has provided us, please pray for more opportunities for partnership between IY and internship providers and other organizations wanting to get involved in IY.
• Provide for a Lap-top computer for the Investment Year House (new or used) – $450 if new (10 needed)
• Provide for part or all of the Investment Year Father Heart retreat (2014) – $1500
• Provide part of all of Investment Year Kampala House rent for one year (2014) – $5,000

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