Institute Reunion Coming

Letter to All former Institute Students:

The Institute of Childcare and Family is going to be celebrating its 10th Anniversarythis year. From the time Uncle Jay and Uncle Jonnes began the Institute we have seen God’s faithfulness to us at NHICF and also to the ministry of New Hope Uganda as a whole. Many continue to serve here at New Hope while others have ventured on to many different places around the world. Since 2002, we have graduated nearly 300 students from more than 10 different countries! Many of you are actively being vessels of God’s love to the needy and fatherless children through your local churches, families, through adoption, fostering, teaching, childcare, youth programs, NGO’s, children’s ministries or beginning/serving with other children’s homes (like New Hope).

It is amazing for us to see what God has done through you and in you by His grace, and we thank you for your commitment to walking this JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION AND RELATIONSHIP. We have been blessed to walk with so many of you and we look forward to the many more to come. Our Father is still not done with us as He continues to work in and through us for the Glory of His Name.

Our main reason for writing is to inform you that we would like to celebrate our 10th Anniversary by having a REUNION with all of you- or at least as many of you as possible! Our dates are not in stone yet, but we are thinking of sometime in late July or early August. We would take one weekend and make it a time of celebration, testimony, fellowship, food, time to catch up with many of you, and most of all to give praise to the “Father of glory” who has done such a great work in all of our lives.

We are calling each of you back for this time. We know it would be a great distance for many of you, but as we say here, “You are most welcome.” We will try to assist you in housing for weekend and some provision of meals.

Please respond to us briefly if you think this time could work for you to come. Let us know which dates would work best for you. We would greatly cherish the chance to see you and be with you. When we hear from you we will confirm a date.

Most of the current Institute staff.

By grace,

Keith and Laura Beth, Chris and Rebecca, and the rest of the Institute Staff