In Nairobi with Aunt Ketty


Just wanted to give you all an update on A. Ketty.  After taking the 11pm bus from Kampala to Nairobi, we arrived about mid-day Tuesday. Thankful for the ways in which Jesus was present.  When we arrived at the bus station Monday night, they asked A. Ketty for her two extra passport pictures … which we were never told she needed.  God took care of it. A. Ketty had an extra expired identification card in her wallet and we had photo copies and fresh color pictures with us.  Passport photo shops were closed and understandably so.  It was 10 PM at night and a National holiday.  A. Ketty made it through the Kenyan border check faster than I did.  Amen!

The taxi man who met us in Nairobi, who had been recommended by someone another missionary at Kasana knew, ended up being connected to my home church back in the States!  Little glimpses of JESUS very actively being present with us.


We arrived at the hospital early Wednesday morning and were warmly greeted.  We were given an appointment for 2 PM.  A. Ketty rested in an inviting lounge area.  After lunch, we returned to the cancer center.  We had to wait for our appointment, but am sure glad we did! The doctor was warm, engaging, and honest.  After meeting with the doctor, A. Ketty had a scan and some blood work drawn. God-willing, she will start her first radiation treatment tomorrow (Thursday)! Quite possibly, she will start chemo on Friday (if not Friday, before the 5th day of radiation). All of this is great news and answer to the prayers of so many!

A. Ketty is a few feet away from me sound asleep.  As I was checking on her a little while ago, I asked her if she was still feeling peaceful.  She confirmed that she was.  She is eager to start treatment.  It is an absolute honor to be here with her… watching her God take care of her in such sweet ways.  Tonight we are staying at an AIM guesthouse.  At the dinner table, we were warmly greeted by a man named Ivan. He is from Uganda, knows New Hope and the Dangers family.   Such a small world and again a reminder of the active presence of our Lord.

Through Him,

Kimberly White

Thank you to so many who have responded with prayers and financial support. The road ahead continues to be a long journey for Aunt Ketty and her family. If you feel led to financially support her cancer treatment, please visit the donation page and designate your gift to the “Ketty Okoth Cancer Fund.” Thank you for walking this journey as a community.