Great Hope for the Future – From Johnny Karls U.S. Interim President

As a professional leadership coach I’ve learned from my training that the most motivating tool we have to accomplish our goal is to “remember the why.” Let’s break the phrase down into two parts.

“Remember” has been a theme through the ages. The Bible tells us to “remember” 171 times (ESV). English author Samuel Johnson, the second most quoted person of the 18th century after Shakespeare, says it well: “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be taught.” We must remember to remember.

Secondly, “the why.” Modern author and Ted Talk speaker Simon Sinek, with nearly 30 million views on YouTube, emphasizes how inspired organizations are driven by the why. “Every organization knows what they do, some know how, but few people or organizations know why they do what they do.”

The why of New Hope Uganda gives us focus and hope for the future. What’s the why? God is glorified as His Fatherhood becomes real to people. NHU’s mission is to communicate the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless in many different ways.


God has used Ugandan staff members, missionaries, volunteers, and western partners to engage in this spiritual as well as physical battle. The battle seems relentless, but the fight continues. Thousands have been rescued from bondage. For that we praise the Lord.

When we remember the mission we have motivation to continue. So why do we forget? Perhaps because of the magnetic draw of the world, or the many distractions, or perhaps due to a lack of faith. We all need to be reminded that He is our loving Father, not just the literal orphans of Africa, but all of us!

In spite of the many challenges and hardships over the years, NHU has hope. Why? Because He is our loving Father. He’s right here with us, to guide us, to improve us, and to minister through us. God is ministering through the Kasana special needs worker, through the Musana Camps volunteer, through the Kobwin school teacher, through the faithful family in Wisconsin that sponsors children, through the gentleman in North Dakota who donates to build essential NHU buildings. God continues to distribute new hope. Why? Because He is our loving Father and He wants to be known as such.

One of our special needs staff with one of children.

One of our special needs staff with one of children.

I find it interesting that the Lord’s prayer does not start with “Our Creator…” or “Our King…” or “Our Omnipresent God…” though these would be appropriate. Instead, Jesus says to pray, “Our Father…” emphasizing how He wants us to see Him.

There is always new hope, sweet hope, amazing hope, absolute hope because He is our loving Father.

Our challenge: remember the why.

Invest in our future.