#GivingTuesday – December 2nd


If you have liked us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter you’ve begun to see posts about something called “Giving Tuesday.”

Giving Tuesday (referred to on social media as #GivingTuesday) is a campaign for a national day of giving to charities and nonprofit organizations. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is the chance to see beyond the consumerism of the season. The Holidays officially kicked off with Thanksgiving (in the States) and that is where we want to start, too.

Thank you to all our supporters around the world. Everyday as I walk around the site, and see the buildings, textbooks, children playing a game, and many other everyday moments, I am reminded of all of you standing with us. Thank you for your prayers, your interest in the children, and your heart to partner with what God is doing in Uganda.

This year we have a new opportunity to call for your partnership. First, please pray for the right people to be aware of this effort, for God to be glorified in the giving, and that this effort will help our children know God as Father in a deeper way this Christmas. Second, prayerfully give to one of the three areas we are fundraising for as explained below. Third, share this post with your community; we need you all as our ambassadors and champions.

This year we have decided to focus on three areas of fundraising, in total, our goal comes to just under $10,000. All three opportunities directly impact our children. We invite you to participate on #GivingTuesday and see who your gift will reach through New Hope Uganda.

DSC_0318• Christmas Meals: To celebrate a successful year and send our children off for the holidays, New Hope provides special meals. Each meal costs $5 and we have over 600 children on our program. This is a tangible way to love our children.




DSC_0178• Clinic Solar Equipment: The solar equipment at the Kasana Clinic has failed.  New solar panels, batteries, and other equipment is needed to appropriately cool important reagents for laboratory tests and other medical supplies. Total cost for this is $3200. Your gift of any amount helps us toward the goal of providing a higher level of care for our children!




• Help provide a way for 35 boys and 35 girls from the community to go experience the Truth and life transformation through teaching and experiences at Musana Camps. Cost for this opportunity is $100 per child. A gift of any amount helps toward this amazing life experience.



In the US, donate here.  •  In the UK, donate here.  •  In Canada, donate here.

Note: Please designate your gifts for “Giving Tuesday.” If gifts are designated to specific projects we will do our best to put it toward that project. However, if a project is fully funded, we will apply the gift to the next project with greatest need.