Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27) – A New Tradition

After Black Friday (shopping day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday when acquiring (at great prices) is the focus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to start the Christmas season by focusing on giving. The hope is that Tuesday, Nov. 27, Giving Tuesday would become THE DAY to give to the organization or organizations (we hope for you that would include New Hope Uganda) that you feel called to partner with.

We continue to thank God for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. Next week we will be having our year-end celebrations at Kasana’s primary, secondary and vocational schools and soon thereafter at Kobwin Children’s Centre and Musana Camps as well. It is amazing that another year is almost completed.

God has always provided for us and this year has been no exception. Our mid-year financial review showed that we were right at even. We praised God that we were not in debt. At the same time, we also had no emergency fund to speak of, were not able to provide a much-needed raise for our Staff, and have some pretty basic needs that we are not able to meet – like having at least one textbook for every two children. Most years, you all have been very generous to us in the closing months of the year and this has helped us complete our budgets and provide other important items that were dropped from budgets because of funds available. We are praying that this end of year will be our best yet.

A couple of years ago Gary Wood, our North American Director, worked very hard to make us a part of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This has provided us with another much-needed source of revenue over the past two years. The CFC people and many others across America are promoting what they hope will become a new tradition that we would like to be a part of. It is called “Giving Tuesday” and we think it might as well become a global tradition, not just an American one.

We encourage you to help start a new tradition and bless New Hope Uganda at the same time. On Tuesday, Nov. 27, you can give on our website or by sending a check on that date (to the appropriate country address found on the website). If you do use the website, please choose the Giving Tuesday option on the program menu bar and then if you have a specific program area where you want the funds to go to please designate that in the “Comments” box. Our biggest need would be for undesignated gifts that we can first use to complete any underfunded budgets for 2012 and next would go to the highest need project area, but if you do have a specific area that you are interested in helping fund, that would also be a huge blessing to us. Click here you are interested in our current needs list.

If you have any questions about Giving Tuesday, any program area at New Hope, our Needs List or anything else regarding our ministry, please feel free to contact us. We would like to keep you as informed and connected to the work God continues to do here as we possibly can.

God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In Christ,

Tal Anderson
New Hope Uganda Manager

PS If you are interested in learning more about Giving Tuesday, you can link to the official Giving Tuesday website from our webpage’s Donate page.

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