From Alaska to Uganda

Dolges Resized

The Dolge family plan to join the New Hope team in Uganda in July. Here is a bit of their story  . . .

Sarah and I have been married 13 years, most of those lived out in rural Kenny Lake, Alaska. We have four boys who we are trying to raise to love Jesus. Our fourth son, Trigger Lawson, was born November 23, 2013.  He’s a mellow little fellow, very gentle and snuggly. It’s been a joy to celebrate this past Christmas season with fresh eyes as we realize how frail and dependent Jesus allowed Himself to be. Pretty amazing!

I currently work for the State of Alaska plowing the roads in the winter and painting highways in the summer. I have worked as an EMT, provided security for the

The Dolges at Christmas with baby Trigger.

The Dolges at Christmas with baby Trigger.

Alyeska oil pipeline, and have guided fishing and river trips throughout the summer months. While we have lived an adventurous life in Alaska, my heart has been drawn to Africa for years now. Sarah has been a stay-at-home mom who keeps plenty busy as well as having recently worked part-time at the boys’ school. We attended New Hope’s Institute in the spring of 2011 and now our plan is to return as full-time missionary staff in the summer of 2014. This is new territory for our whole family and a journey we are so excited to be embarking on. We are seeing God’s faithfulness to us in new ways and it’s both amazing and incredibly humbling. Since we know God’s heart for orphans, we are especially excited to be involved in the ministry at New Hope Uganda.

I will be working with media productions for NH. I will be able to tap into my creative side and build material to promote awareness about New Hope Uganda. In today’s western cultures, media plays a big role in everyday lives which opens up endless ways to present the heart of the ministry to a much larger audience. Sarah will be homeschooling the boys for the first time. Besides teaching, she looks forward to growing relationships with the young women, being a source of encouragement and being a mama figure to many. Our children miss Africa and look forward to reconnecting with friends in Uganda. We are excited to follow Christ’s leading. If you would like to learn more about us, feel free to explore our website: We welcome your prayers as we prepare to return to Uganda.
In Christ,
Dolge Family

Praise God that He is adding to the New Hope Uganda family and for those who are following His calling! The Dolges and several other new staff for NHUM are currently support raising and would very much appreciate your consideration for prayer and financial support. One-time gifts and/ or monthly support would be very welcome. If you have any questions about any of our new staff, please feel free to call our North American office and talk to Gary Wood about them (1-800-611-6486).

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