‘Four girls. Four serious heart problems’ – Update



We want to THANK the many of you who have gifted money for these heart operations. We have a total so far of approximately $8,500 from supporters in the U.S.A and the U.K,which about 2/3 of the total needed to cover each of the operations. In such a short time that is an amazing response. We are so encouraged by Father God’s faithfulness in HIS provision.

As you will no doubt remember from our last blog on these four girls, which was written by Kimberly, one of our New Hope nurses here, two of the little girls Fatiya and Shakira’s heart operations will cost about $6,000 each. Betty, who is ten, is greatly reduced at $600 because Mulago Hospital has kindly offered to provide her treatment through the ‘Heart Camp’ a charity which is briefly run in October by visiting heart surgeons predominantly from abroad. Esther is continuing to be closely monitored, to see if the hole closes itself and of course our hearts desire is that Father God would bring HIS healing to her.

My role at NHU is as the father and manager to Hope Family (the home for babies). Our relationship with both Fatiya and Shakira is of a similar time frame of about eighteen months and is through our



‘Outreach Programme’, which supports babies in the family setting. Fatiya is a miracle, when we first met her she was so very tiny but with her mum’s faithfulness, love and Father Gods protecting hand she has flourished! Shakira’s story is quite a lot more complex, to the extent that in April this year we bought Shakira, her sister and mother into NHU to support them as a family during this difficult time. Our prayer is that when Shakira is well, that we will support the entire family in our local community – we will see how Father God leads!

Fatiya and Shakira have now met with the heart surgeon – he handled both mothers and their children in a very thoughtful and gentle way, I was very blessed. After some previous assessment and testing he has given us dates for surgery towards the end of November, although Fatiya is still waiting to see the anesthetist.

Taking into account our prayer that Father God will completely heal Esther without the need of an operation; we are currently still looking to raise a further $4,100 for these three operations. Please

would you prayerfully consider supporting to complete our goal for these girls and our Fathers glory.


* That the Heart surgeries won’t get cancelled or delayed
* For Fatiya to have a successful appointment with the anesthetist
* That all money required for these Heart Surgeries will soon be raised




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Yours in Christ, Stu Dendy