End of IY 2011


Note: The following was written three weeks ago.

Investment year 2011 is coming to an end. We still have two weeks to all have to finish before the 25th (of Nov.) which is going to be the baton hand over to the new incoming I.Y students. This is always a hard time mainly to our leaders because they had gotten close with those going out and at the same time they are excited to have those coming. In it is all a period of mixed emotions.

zam Zam, Fiona, Joanna

For us students it is hard since we were all used to being together. This marks our time to separate as different ones of us join different institutions and those taking the same like a’ levels seldom go to the same school. It is a time marked with testimonies which are a great inspiration to those about to start IY.

The incoming students get their first assignment on the same day they are acknowledged as the next I.Y students. They are asked to read the Kasana story called the LONG ROAD TO HOPE by Jennie Dangers. The book clearly narrates the days of small beginnings to all the achievements reached. All of us children need to hear this as it is the roots unto every thing we are enjoying now.

Zam Zam (IY 2011)