Courtside Update

Tal Anderson, NHA Stallions Coach and NHU Manager, shares a brief update of the National Basketball Tournament.

Hello from Mbarara! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.

Just wanted to give you an update on things here. We are now in our fifth day here and are really enjoying the time with our sons and daughters. We have been focusing on glorifying God in all we do on and off the court, win or lose, and our children are doing just that.

NHU mares in White

NHU mares in White

The girls have played two games. They have been playing with the joy of the Lord. They won the first by a lot and today lost a really tough overtime game by one point. It was a tough loss but a good growing experience. They have been playing very hard with good attitudes. The girls can still advance to the final 16 if they win their third game on Friday.


NHU Stallions in red.

The boys lost a really tough first game yesterday by five points. For most of the game the teams were one point apart.  The second game was against Lubiri who was 2nd or 3rd last year. They were a huge team with multiple players above 6’5″. We lost by a lot of points but the boys fought hard the entire game and really made us proud. Others watching saw their heart as well. We talked after about how they had very much glorified the Lord in the game.

In today’s game, the boys had another tough game and were able to win by 7. They again played hard with good attitudes. If the boys are able to win their final two games they could also still make the final 16 teams.

A wave of sickness has been passing through both teams especially the boys. They are playing through the sickness but we could use your prayers.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Go New Hope!