Couple Uses God’s Gifts to Help Support Cabins for Kids


Since starting with New Hope Uganda Ministries in the North American office, I have been humbled by the generosity of so many.  I have a unique job because I see every single donation that comes to the ministry.  While I work in the North American office half way across the world from where New Hope Uganda (NHU) is located, I get to see what the missionaries don’t get to see while they’re on the ground.  I get to see what makes our mission possible.  What makes our mission possible is God’s work on people’s hearts to be generous with what they have.

One of our donors is a shining example of the work God is doing.  Milton and Liz Bobb have used what they have to support a mission that God has placed in their lives.  Their life hasn’t always been easy, but God has given Milton hobbies that He uses to further the mission of NHU.


When Milton and Liz grew older they realized after facing some health challenges that they would have to sell their sheep that had been their livelihood.  This was a difficult time for them, but they can see the blessing in it.  When Milton sold his sheep, at the same time he advertised that he would like to buy a loom.  So they sold their sheep and bought a loom at the same time.

Now Milton makes rugs because it helps him to learn, it kills time, and he enjoys it!  Despite going through some difficult health challenges, Milton not only gained a hobby he enjoys, but sells the rugs and donates the profits to NHU.  It is encouraging for me to see how God used difficult circumstances for good and not only that, but the Bobb’s testify to this.  As Milton said, “The good Lord takes care of my wife and me.  Whenever challenges come, there’s an answer that develops”.

Not only does Milton enjoy rug making, but God is using another hobby of his.  Milton collects stamps.  You may wonder how God could use a stamp collector to help the mission.  We send Milton all our empty envelopes.  Milton gets to keep the stamps and in the process he checks each envelop in case we missed anything.  He has found a few things that we’ve missed so we’re thankful that God can use Milton in this way!

This sweet couple in North Dakota, who so humbly give what God has given them, first heard about the mission when Gary Wood, our current president, was their pastor in Taylor, ND.  They were impressed by how the funds truly go to the mission of “bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless” and feel that differentiates NHU from other ministries they could give to.  Their family also has a historical connection to Africa because their daughter was a missionary to Nigeria and their granddaughter is currently a missionary in North Africa.  They have learned that the people in certain areas of Africa are more open to the Gospel and so it makes sense for them to give to those missions.

The Bobb’s are a true inspiration to me.  They are an example of how God can use the simplest things, even our hobbies, the things we enjoy, to support His work.  You don’t have to be a millionaire or travel to Uganda to make a difference.  All you need is to humbly ask God to use what you have.  May the Bobb’s be as much of an encouragement to you as much as they are to me!