Cooking Dinner

I am a recent graduate from Seattle, Washington with my BSN degree. This is my first trip to Uganda, as well as working with New Hope Uganda. I heard about NHU through my cousin who went on the trip a year and a half ago. I decided to come on this trip in hopes of supporting the staff, building relationships with the children, and spending time in the clinic. I have a heart to serve others and I am extremely passionate about caring for others, especially children.

This week I was invited to make dinner with the Jonathon Family! I had the opportunity to learn and spend time with Auntie Constance and many of the children in the family. I was able to work alongside Sarah and Clair making chapate! It started with measuring the flour, water, and oil (no measuring cups, all by hand and feel of course!) to making balls of dough and rolling them out to the right consistency and size. I was able to see another son, George, fry them in a pan. He loves to help cook! Our team ate with the entire family after sharing a time of worship and devotions! It was amazing to see each of the children do their part and take pride in their role in preparing our meal.

During the night I was able to talk with the children and find out what they enjoy studying, if they like cooking, etc. They were so welcoming and hospitable! It also gave me the opportunity to practice with their names and connect with them on their level. This was their area of expertise and they were able to share it with me! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to cook with Clair and Sarah and learn from them! I believe cooking is important in all cultures and brings people of all ages together!

Chelsea Van Dalen, Lynden, WA, member of the Alexander team