Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Jay Dangers teaching at New Hope's Easter biblical manhood and womanhood retreat.

Jay Dangers teaching at New Hope’s Easter biblical manhood and womanhood retreat.

In 1988, New Hope Uganda became one of the first children’s centers in Uganda to care for the fatherless. 25 years later, there are more than 100 times the amount of organizations caring for fatherless children, and there are more fatherless children now than there were in 1988! Why? Because caring for the fatherless only treats the symptom of fatherlessness and not the root cause. The root cause of fatherlessness is a bad definition of manhood. Men do not know what it means to be a true man and fatherlessness is only one of the symptoms of this problem. We have estimated that 95% of the world’s problems can be attributed to a bad definition of manhood. Think about these atrocities – war, AIDS, fatherlessness, corruption, divorce, prostitution, abuse, human trafficking, drunkenness, poverty, murder, adultery, idolatry, apostasy, racism, hatred, sexual immorality, selfishness, neglect, terrorism, humanism, syncretism, drug abuse, pornography, bad definition of womanhood, bad leadership, improper use of government, improper use of technology, abortion, crime, fear of man, secular education, and on and on – all of these can be traced back to a poor definition of manhood.

We feel that God has given us a special message to fight against this evil. Inspired and rooted in God’s word, we have ,by grace, put together a series of teachings on biblical manhood and womanhood. We are using this message to teach our staff, children, and key Ugandan leaders. Most of our staff have been through these teachings at least twice. New Hope hosted a retreat at Musana Camps over Easter weekend that transformed the lives of the key Ugandan leaders that were there. These key leaders have already gotten opportunities to spread this message throughout Uganda.

We are already seeing fruit from these messages. Lwazi Kisaka, whose parents have been long time partners with NHU and who has been associated with NHU his whole life, has been through two of our biblical manhood and womanhood seminars. Now, as one of our ‘sons’ he is giving back to NHU by teaching our investment year students biblical manhood and womanhood.

Families have been transformed by the truth of real manhood and womanhood.

Families have been transformed by the truth of real manhood and womanhood.

We have also had a pastor, his wife, and some of his church members attend a different church to hear Jay Dangers, our Director and co-founder, and Jennie Dangers,  a staff member and Jay’s daughter, teach on the subject. That doesn’t seem so strange at first, but when you understand Uganda’s church culture where a pastor would never go or bring members of his church to another church to hear a teaching because he’s taking a chance of losing his sheep!
Biblical manhood and womanhood is one of our strongest teachings. The truth about what it truly means to be a man or a woman is something that has the potential to transform the nation and by grace, that’s what we would like to do!

By Devin Hiller
Assistant to the Director

On behalf of:
Jay Dangers