Before Kings and Queens . . .

Two weeks before Uganda’s 50thanniversary of Independence, we received an invitation for our children to sing in Uganda’s National Thanksgiving Service (two day before Independence Day). We blended 3 of our choirs and youth bands and added a few extra kids to make the choir be as good a representation of Kasana as we could, had uniforms designed and made by our Vocational Institute, started daily practices, and headed with a selection of the kids to a recording studio in Kampala for background vocals and instrumental recording, and also to make a full recording of a song the First Lady and her daughter Patience specifically asked us for.
Our kids performed wonderfully before the President and his wife, the cabinet and other parliamentary members, heads of religions, ambassadors of other countries, and many other key national leaders. We later heard it was shown on television as well.
Praise God for the opportunity to represent Him before “Kings and Queens”.