A New School Year

The Ugandan school year begins at the end of January and finishes at the end of November.  Our year is now in full swing and Kasana Children’s Centre has welcomed 80+ new children to the New Hope family. Each child has his/her own story and needs. We pray that we will soon know each new son or daughter at least in part as the Father knows him/her.

We welcomed and prayed for each child and their guardians at our Sunday, Feb. 10 church service. It was wonderful to usher them into the New Hope family. Next week, the children will start having their mid-terms at school. Please pray that each child will be able to do their very best and be at peace with the results. But even more, we would appreciate your prayers that we, as staff, give freely of what Jesus has given us and love each child with the love of Christ.

Our theme in 2013, is “In Christ Alone”. We know we can only give what we have received from Him. May God use us to show each one His Fatherhood and help each child know the joy that comes from being a part of God’s  family.