30 Years of Ministry

Thirty years ago, a young couple with three children made the long drive from Kenya to Uganda. Their goal was to care for orphans created by the guerilla warfare in the Luwero Triangle of Uganda. Jay and Vicki Dangers arrived in Kampala, the capital city, to find war-like conditions, including gunfire and rationing.

Dangers family in 1986.

Dangers family in 1986.

Jonnes & Gertrude.

Jonnes & Gertrude.

Finding a location and registering the ministry took a year and a half, full of ups and downs. An enormous blessing early on was a new partnership with Jonnes Bakimi and the Deliverance churches. Finally, in March 1988, New Hope Uganda officially began its work when 10 orphans moved to Kasana Children’s Centre.

The early years included many struggles to clear land, construct buildings, and establish schools. But always, in every situation, the Lord has shown Himself to be on our side.

We are so grateful to the LORD for His great blessing on the work of “our hands!”  Our hands were joined by teachers and builders, administrators and foreign teams, doctors and nurses, donors and sponsors and many others who have cared for thousands of children over these 30 years.  The children cared for include all ages from newborns to university students, along with many special needs children.

The impact on these lives for the Kingdom of God and the nation of Uganda cannot be measured.

It has been an immense gift to see God work in the hearts and lives of so many of our sons and daughters. Some have moved to the surrounding countries where they are serving God, others work alongside their parental figures as New Hope staff. These sons and daughters work in many different fields including medical care, construction, pastoring, mechanics, teaching, and business.


It is a privilege to bring the Fatherhood of God to children like these!

Our vision and goal remain the same: To show the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless by caring for them holistically. We also seek to bring about cultural transformation through the training of pastors as well as teaching about God’s design for manhood and womanhood. We can’t do these things alone—we depend on God’s enabling power and the prayer and financial support of His people.

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