My first three days in Kasana

I’ve always wanted to visit Africa, and especially do medical work there. I’ve come to Uganda with a medical outreach team from Washington state, and New Hope Uganda has been such an amazing way to accomplish my goals. When we got to Kasana Children’s Centre, the welcome from staff and kids was incredible. Even though there are visitors all the time, there is still such tangible excitement to meet everyone who comes by. The Ugandan people are so friendly and generous–they genuinely want to know how your day is going. At first, it seemed difficult to be able to open up to people you’ve never met, but in truth, it is refreshing to actually be able to be sincere in asking how others are doing and being able to answer with feeling.

Things do feel different here, of course, but not in any kind of a bad way. Kasana feels so safe and comfortable, it’s difficult not to feel at home here. The food (which for us has mainly been prepared by Auntie Gertrude and Auntie Janet) has been wonderful. I’m a vegetarian and they had no trouble accommodating that request. The rooms are comfortable and feel very safe, and Auntie Jovia has done an incredible job keeping everything clean for us. We’re carefully advised from staff on how to prevent malaria and other sicknesses, and the support we receive from (especially Auntie Mallory and Auntie Hannah) them is so helpful.
I’ve especially enjoyed working in the clinic with Auntie Jennie and Uncle Roger. It’s been such a blessing to serve people who appreciate every smile and caring touch. Many of us, even those with medical training, were unsure of how we’d be able to help here, but we have been lending a hand wherever we can and it seems to be so appreciated! As our time at Kasana comes to an end and we go on to Musana camps, I can’t wait to see what else Uganda can show me.

– Kat King, part of Alexander Team