New Website!

We are happy to announce in our first-ever “E-Newsletter” that we have a NEW WEBSITE. In general, the site offers a much more comprehensive view of New Hope Uganda. We believe the new site will give a clear picture of who we are and what God is doing here. We are also want it to be a tool to keep our friends and partners informed. We are committed to keeping the website updated and providing consistent and timely new information. We encourage you to check in on the website frequently and tell your friends about it. We would also love your feedback and suggestions.

We hope you will take the time to explore all of the website but there are a few key features to point out for now.

Online donations:

We are very excited that online donations are now possible. It is both user-friendly and secure. When you go to the donations page, you will notice that there are three options: one for U.S., one for UK, and one for Canada. Each could be used by any person but typically we think that a person would use the option from their country for tax purposes. The U.S. donation button is unique in that there are ZERO FEES for Visa or Mastercard. This is really exciting. The Paypal accounts for UK and Canada also offer low fees of just over 2% for credit card use.

Contact us page:

You will not see any email addresses on the site. This prevents us from becoming part of internet spam searches. However, if you go to the contact page, you will see the ability to get in contact with the area of the ministry you have a question or comment about. As we have already been testing the website, this feature has been working very well. If you know someone who wants to get in contact with us, please direct them to this page.


Our blog will explain how God is working here and little “slices of life” on a consistent basis. We hope to have entries from a wide variety of staff and to update this every few days. The blog also gives you an opportunity to comment. This could become a fun “meeting place” for friends of New Hope. You can also sign-up on our RSS Feed button ( little brown square with a white dot and two curved lines at the bottom right of the website) if you would like to receive an email each time there is a new blog entry (more information about that below).


This information was originally sent out in our e-newsletter. If you are not already receiving this, please take a minute and sign up by clicking the “Email Signup” button in the website header. We do know that some of our New Hope family do not have email or easy internet access. We are still considering ways of keeping these partners informed. However, for the most part, the e-newsletter will take over for our paper newsletter. There are two reasons this is exciting. First, this will save us quite a bit in costs, enabling us to use even more of the resources God is providing directly in Uganda. Second, because of both the much lower cost and ability to communicate instantaneously, it will allow us to be in contact much more often than previously. We are planning on publishing bi-monthly and perhaps more often as needed.


We are trying to put all New Hope videos on the site. There are probably some that you have not seen before. Check them out. At this point, we do not have the full-length New Hope video partially due to the limitations of bandwidth here but hope to soon. We also hope to have a new Kobwin video in the next couple of months.


We are experimenting with putting some sermons and other talks online. It does take some time to do this, so we are interested in the interest and use of these talks. We encourage you to download or stream one of these talks and let us know if you would like to see more of them posted.

Staying Informed:

If you want to keep up on the very latest from New Hope Uganda, you can. At the bottom right corner of the website, you will see a . Using that link, or by typing our web address into your favorite RSS reader, such as Google Reader. Doing so will bring NHU into a list of all the other web sites you like to keep up with. See a short intro to Google Reader. Or, watch a step-by-step guide to how Google Reader works.


Our website is infinitely (not quite) expandable. The only real limitation at this point is finding the time to make additions. So if you think there is something that is not on the website that should be, please let us know. We hope you enjoy the website!